Leica M10R black

€ 7.500,00
Artikelnummer: 20002

• Newly developed 40 Megapixel color sensor

• Thin M10 body design

• Sophisticated, from body haptics to the interface design

• Silent shutter

• Excellent craftsmanship Made in Germany

A brand new pixel design results in a completely new M-Sensor, that is exclusively developed to unleash the full optical performance of Leica M lenses. 40.89 Million pixels show even the finest details. The excellent high ISO performance (ISO 100 up to ISO 50000) and the dynamic range surpasses all predecessor cameras.

Every single component and every technical solution in the Leica M10-R concentrates uncompromisingly on photography. The three button layout on the back of the camera with its intuitive touchscreen and the ISO setting dial got familiar to photography enthusiasts who want to concentrate on the act of taking extraordinary pictures.

Discretion counts among the most distinctive qualities of all M cameras. In analogue times, many theatres only allowed M cameras for capturing performance stills, arguing that the mirror slap of a mirror reflex camera would disturb actors and audience alike. The silent shutter of the M10-R supports the unobtrusiveness, that M-Photography is known for.

• 40MP CMOS color sensor

• Base ISO 100 • Max. ISO 50000

• Long exposure times up to 16 minutes

• Made in Germany

• M10 thin body design

• Silent shutter • Touch display • Seamless Leica FOTOS connectivity